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Teachers and Students

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Arguably the most valuable part of grade school life, the relationships between students and teachers have had the greatest influence on how we thrive. But things have taken a turn. The relationship is evolving in such a way that both students and teachers are changing in a way that we did not expect.
We see today that teachers act as a number of things, including educators, counselors, and even friends. They are very accepting, lenient, and open to all thoughts. It gives students an opportunity to share their thoughts and their lives. We are fortunate at Sachem to have so many kind, open-minded teachers that accept the struggles of high school students. Teachers have built an environment that makes students comfortable to speak up and enhance their own learning process. However, there are consequences to this openness as well. By considering teachers as friends, they are being pulled down. It used to be that students consider their teachers as a higher being with an abundance of knowledge. But that system is slowly fading with this growing lenience and acceptance. It is possible that this relationship goes wayward with extra leniency. However, many students prefer this type of relationship; the wide arms help them grow and develop intellectually, since they get comfort and latitude of interaction in the classroom.
Sachem has taught us “seek first to understand, then to be understood”. This is a vital part in improving any relationship. The more we, as students and teachers, try to understand each others roles in the classroom, the more we can start to respect and value each other. Education in Greek means to draw out. The role of teachers is to draw out and enhance the potential of their students. Students’ role in the classroom is to provide this potential for the teacher to work with. We can do this by being respectful, determined, and “proactive” learners.
Teachers and students in Sachem recognize and maintain the fine line in their relationship. This student-teacher relationship is something we are very lucky to experience; we as students are getting the most out of our time with our teachers and becoming more successful in our intellectual and personal lives.

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Teachers and Students