Department News 9/29/17

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The Business and Marketing Honor Society is in full swing implementing the 3rd Annual Box Tops for Education Contest. Proceeds go directly to the Special Education PTA. (SEPTA) Our goal is to surpass the 2200 Box Tops collected last year.


Goal: To develop the best possible curriculum and programs for FACS courses by using learning strategies that engages our students.
Child Development students are learning the responsibility of being “parents” through our Egg Baby challenge. Although not the real thing, students must be responsible to see that their “baby” stays safe during their “Parenting” experience. Students who have babies that become injured learn the responsibility of caring for a sick or injured family member by research. Here they must explain, justify and evaluate their experience with their opinions and current research on parenting techniques. This activity will introduce our students to the many lessons that exist in our curriculum for building teen awareness of the difficulties of pregnancy and the responsibilities of parenthood. Soon, students will begin taking home “Reality Works” to assist in discouraging teen pregnancy.

Human Development and Child Development students were made aware of the services offered through Planned Parenthood when Mr. Anthony Marmo visited. In addition, Mr. Marmo discussed safe and healthy relationships and school safety for ALL students. This meaningful presentation is offered each year to our CD and HD classes so that they are exposed to relevant curriculum that connects to their lives and relationships.
Our Interior Design students started the year discussing the family life cycle and housing needs and various opportunities offered living in urban, suburban, and rural communities. We are now learning about color and color schemes and the affect color and décor may have on rooms that we decorate. These activities challenge students to collaborate with one another and communicate their understanding of challenges that may families and communities may face in general and times of natural disasters, like the most recent ones in America.
Thank you, Mrs. Hiltz for your contribution to the BOE goals, specifically Goal #2 – Enhancing Student Achievement by Quality of Instruction and Leadership skills.


The North Guidance Department would like to send a huge thank you to our amazing English Department. This week our English teachers graciously sacrificed a period to bring their Senior classes for a College Application seminar in the little theatre. Seniors were given a thorough review of all things pertaining to the application process. This has really jumpstarted in the college process for many of our seniors, thank you again to our English Department!
In other guidance news, it was a busy week for college visits. The College of Saint Rose, St. Johns University, Towson, Mary Washington, SUNY Poly, University of Scranton, and American International College all visited North. Over 75 of our Seniors met with the folks reviewing their college applications, a huge benefit! Next week we have 11 more schools coming to Sachem!
GUIDANCE FUN FACT OF THE WEEK: Did you know that colleges do not hold lower standardized test scores again students? When sending scores on SAT or ACT’s to colleges they only pull and utilize the highest scores from each exam. Colleges are looking for ways to admit students, not deny them.


Our departmental goals this year include a focus on student engagement in the classroom and forming personal connections with our students.
We are pleased to note that several students have registered to receive college credit through the Suffolk CCC Excelsior Program in our Precalculus and College Topics courses. A huge thank you goes out to Kathy Cangero, Maria Messina, Chris Russo, and Rich Schaentzler for promoting and facilitating this program. We are happy to offer this opportunity to our students!


The music department’s goal for October is to improve our student’s abilities of pitch recognition. Our Music Theory students are working on melodic dictation this week in order to work toward this goal.
Congratulations to Sofia Sangiorio, Sabrina Facciponte, Matthew Mazer, Paige Menneci, Nicholas Palermo, Marissa Tedeschi, Kailey Valenti, Samantha Wengert, Sofia Medaglia, Morgan Tiller, and Sophia Huang for being selected to All-County honors! They will all be performing at the NYSCAME All-County concert on 11/17 with the finest 11th and 12th grade musicians in the county.


The PPS team is happy to announce that we have raised $387.00 so far for the Out of the Darkness event at Jones Beach on Sunday October 22nd. Thank you to all of the students and staff that have supported our cause. We would like to extend a special thanks to Mrs. Foran, who purchased bagels for her entire first period class. We are still looking for more volunteers and will be having a brief meeting on Tuesday during 9th period in the Little Theatre to facilitate plans as we move closer to the Walk. Please reach out to any of the psychologists or Mrs. Zanone if you have additional questions.
Quote of the Week

“Be sure to glance in the rear view mirror but always keep the road ahead in focus.”
Author (You will have to guess)


Our Science Research program is excited to announce:
• Amy DeLury has entered the 2017 Breakthrough Junior Challenge, which is a competition that requires the student to submit a short video presentation discussing a “big idea” in Science or Math. Amy’s presentation involves research concerning prion protein and related complications.
• Angelina Franqueiro (along with students from two other districts) has recently registered for the Siemens Competition by submitting her Research Report concerning breast cancer research.

North Science Goal: Inspiring our students to always be curious and ask questions.

During Hispanic Heritage Month (from September 15 – October 15) our students are learning about the cultures of Hispanic countries from around the world. There are actually 20 different Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain, Mexico and countries in the Caribbean and Central and South America. They may all have some similarities but each is unique in many ways. Classes are investigating the history of Hispanic countries as well as famous people of Hispanic descent.

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Department News 9/29/17